by Scholten & Baijings

A rich assemblage of graphic markings defines the "ELEMENTS" series of lead crystal. Cuts and textures of varying depth and intensity are employed across glasses to create a landscape of layered pattern that is fresh and seductive; a whole new take on the decoration of cut crystal.

After creating an extensive range of cuts, Scholten & Baijings built these up on individual glasses and over glass typologies. Working with 'palettes' (although these are more frequently of colour or material) is key to this Dutch design duo's work.

The beauty of the "ELEMENTS" series is that each glass, alone, is a desirable object but together the mixture of designs is something very different altogether. Scholten & Baijings have acted like a conductor, building up layers of pattern as though they were sound, and the result is a visual symphony.

Each glass in the "ELEMENTS" series has a different design, meaning the customer can create collections of glasses that are matching or mixed, restrained or exuberant. The glass sizes suit a multitude of uses: from whisky to wine to water and an elegant carafe and jug completes the series.

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